UI/UX Research Services for Businesses AND COMMUNITies

Working to foster a culture of human-centered digital technologies 


1. WHAT IS Ui/UX Research?

UI/UX research uses user feedback to guide the design process in new product development. This research gathers information about the user’s expectations of a product, resulting in a better user experience.


Utilizing UI/UX research in the design process can lead to increased customer loyalty, higher engagement, and an improved overall brand image.

3. What we offer

We offer research and design services for communities and start-up businesses in the South California while also providing valuable UI/UX experience for students.

4. HOW to get started

Contact us below to get more information on our services and how we can help you provide the best experience for your users.


The Importance

The Numbers Don’t Lie

When a user interacts with a product, it is essential for that product to be efficient, simple, and appealing to the eye. Having a research-based, human-centered design is vital to creating a positive user experience for your intended audience.


70% of Digital businesses fail due to a bad User Experience


75% of a user's inital impression of a business is based on UX/UI


Our UI/UX Research Framework

Experience Mapping

We begin by analyzing business requirements and goals. We then map the user’s experience and conduct research to determine the best approach to redefining this experience.

Experiential Experimentation

We design experiments and interview users to determine opportunities for innovation. Our use of a variety of technologies enables us to bring our best work to each project.



Iterative design

As we design, we continually gather feedback from our users to ensure that we are keeping their best interests in mind. Our process is user-centered, allowing us to design for the future.


A Team of Professionals

Kelsey Azmitia

Project Coordinator

As the project coordinator, my goal is to lead the team to success by embracing creativity, promoting our exceptional services, and collaborating to give users a unique experience.

Francezca Dagoc

UI/UX Researcher

As a a current member of the DiLab UI/UX team, I aim to work with other researchers to find the best way to solve user pain points and simplify complex systems for users.

Elijah Nobis

UI/UX Researcher

As a part of the DiLab UI/UX team, I strive to assist in promoting systems that appeal to a users emotions and needs in a positive way. 

Vanessa Roy

UI/UX Researcher

As a senior Information Systems system student, UI/UX is a field that allows me to pursue creativity  while fostering growth among my peers.

Summer McGuckin

UI/UX Researcher

Working in UI/UX allows me to leverage my experiences in psychology, marketing, and design to promote social good.

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5500 Campanile Dr, San Diego, CA 92126